The History of Royal Bone China

Royal Bone China is the finest material there is for superb tableware. Developed in England over two centuries ago, bone china has since its discovery been a constant and an indispensable feature of fine dining in the most exclusive places all over the world. Its most distinctive features are the brilliance of its glaze, the fine translucency of the body, the meticulous finishing, as well as the finest decorations.

In spite of its delicate appearance, bone china is in fact a very strong porcelain material.With proper care, your set of bone china tableware will last a long time. It will give you a lifetime of unsurpassed satisfaction.

Many years of apprenticeship were required of the most gifted artists to be able to produce a piece worthy for The King. With more than 35 years in this field, we gathered the finest artisans to use techniques developed from the 18th century to produce instant museum collectable quality. Some pieces use Thai porcelain; with others we apply the traditional Thai craft to the Royal Bone China porcelain base to produce dinner sets and tea and coffee sets of international quality.

We use only the finest designs, and reject all pieces with faults or blemishes. In addition, we strictly maintain the quality of our white-ware. As a result, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of Benjarong available in Thailand, so we would like to congratulate that you are now the proud owner of the most special elegant and precious Benjarong from Thailand.

Certification of Products

This is to certify that we, Thai Benjarong, is a manufacture of “Benjarong”,ceramic painted by hand.  We certified that this product is made by hand and use 18K liquid gold for painting.

We certified that the above message is true and correct.